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Advancing Digital Policy Reform: ISOC Libya and Annir Initiative Host Second Introductory Meeting

On the morning of Saturday, May 11, 2024, the National Initiative for Digital Policy Reform in Libya took another significant step forward. The Internet Society Libya Chapter (ISOC Libya) together with the Annir Initiative successfully hosted their second introductory meeting, emphasizing the collaborative efforts to reshape Libya’s digital landscape. This session, like the first, was conducted in a hybrid format, enabling participants to join both online and in-person in Tripoli, ensuring widespread engagement and inclusivity.

A Broad Coalition for Change

This meeting continued to gather a broad array of stakeholders involved in internet governance, echoing the collaborative ethos of the first session. Representatives from national bodies in telecommunications, information technology, and cybersecurity were present, along with academics and members from the private sector and civil society. This diverse participation underscores the comprehensive approach the initiative is taking toward digital policy reform.

Focused Discussions and Strategic Outcomes

The second introductory meeting was pivotal in advancing the discussions started during the first session. Participants engaged in deep dives into specific areas of digital policy that require urgent attention and reform. The goal was to outline actionable steps and formulate strategies that will guide the ongoing reform process, ensuring that it not only supports technological advancement but also safeguards the rights and security of all Libyans.

The Road Ahead

With the groundwork laid and initial discussions in progress, the initiative is now moving towards more detailed planning and implementation phases. Future meetings are expected to focus on:

  • Drafting detailed proposals for policy changes.
  • Establishing a roadmap for implementing these reforms.
  • Enhancing collaboration between governmental, private, and civil society sectors to ensure effective governance.

Stay Involved and Informed

The success of this initiative depends heavily on continued stakeholder engagement and public support. ISOC Libya and Annir Initiative encourage all interested parties to stay connected and informed about the progress of these discussions. Your participation and input are crucial as we continue to shape policies that will define the digital future of Libya.

A Call to Action

We invite you to remain actively engaged as we navigate through this transformative process. Whether you are a policy expert, a technology enthusiast, or a concerned citizen, your contribution is valuable. Together, we can ensure that Libya’s digital policy landscape is robust, equitable, and forward-looking.

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