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Who we are

Organization introduction

Internet Society
Libya Chapter

Internet Society Libya Chapter – ISOC Libya, chartered by the Internet Society in January 2024, stands as a beacon of digital progress and collaboration in Libya. Registered under Libyan law as a not-for-profit organization, it operates with the official name ‘Libya Internet Association,’ bearing the registration number 2023-11-27-01-1796 as authorized by the Commission of Civil Society. With its headquarters nestled in Benghazi 5374, Libya, ISOC Libya is strategically positioned to spearhead its mission.

ISOC Libya is dedicated to forwarding the objectives of the Internet Society within the Libyan context. Its core focus encompasses three critical areas: education and capacity building, standards and protocols, and public policy. These areas are pivotal in realizing its vision that ‘The Internet Is for Everyone.’ While various groups in Libya are active in these domains, the establishment of ISOC Libya is a strategic step to serve as an umbrella organization. It aims to coordinate and synergize the efforts of these groups and individuals, ensuring a unified and impactful approach towards advancing internet accessibility and literacy in Libya.

In essence, ISOC Libya is more than just an organization; it is a central hub that connects, empowers, and guides various stakeholders in the realm of internet and technology. Its mission and activities are deeply rooted in the belief that the internet should be an inclusive and accessible resource, benefiting every individual in Libya.
    • Mission

      Our mission is to promote the use and development of the Internet as a resource for all in Libya. We strive to:

      • Enhance digital literacy and Internet education at all societal levels.
      • Foster the expansion of robust and equitable Internet access.
      • Support the growth and innovation of the local tech industry and job market.
      • Facilitate professional development and networking in the technology sector.
      • Advocate for policies and infrastructure that benefit the Internet community.
      • Cultivate an environment of cooperation and collaboration among Internet users and stakeholders in Libya.
      • Vision

        ISOC Libya envisions a future where the Internet is for everyone, universally and locally accessible and empowering resource, integral to the social, economic, and educational advancement of Libya. We see a digitally inclusive society where every individual can harness the power of the Internet for innovation, knowledge, and global connectivity.

        • Values

          • Inclusivity: We believe in an Internet that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their social, economic, or geographical background.
          • Innovation: We champion innovative uses of the Internet that foster growth, learning, and creativity.
          • Collaboration: We value collaboration and partnership as key drivers for successful and sustainable Internet development.
          • Integrity: We uphold transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in all our endeavors.
          • Empowerment: We are committed to empowering individuals and communities through the transformative power of the Internet.
          • Principles

            • Commitment to Open Standards: We advocate for the development and adoption of open standards that ensure the Internet remains a free and universal resource.
            • Community Engagement: We actively engage with the local community to understand and address their Internet-related needs and challenges.
            • Sustainability: We focus on long-term strategies that ensure the continued growth and relevance of the Internet in Libya.
            • Education and Awareness: We prioritize educating and raising awareness about the benefits and opportunities of the Internet.
            • Advocacy for Digital Rights: We champion the rights of all Internet users, advocating for digital privacy, security, and freedom of expression.

          Our Partners

          ISOC Libya is renowned for its strong network of partners, each contributing significantly to the mission of promoting a free and open internet