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The organizational structure of the entity is meticulously designed to ensure efficiency, accountability, and inclusivity in all operations. At its foundation lies the General Assembly, where all members convene to steer the overarching mission and objectives. This is complemented by a well-crafted Structure, aligned with strategic goals to facilitate seamless coordination across various levels. Overseeing the long-term vision and adherence to foundational principles is the Board of Trustees, a group of esteemed leaders. In tandem, the Board of Directors, comprised of dedicated professionals, manages day-to-day operations and tactical decision-making. Integral to this structure are the Teams, specialized groups focused on specific operational areas, driving innovation and execution. This cohesive and dynamic setup enables the organization to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities in its pursuit of excellence.

Board of Trustees

Dr. Otman Gajiji

Decentralisation and Elections Expert

Mohamed Ayad

IT Business Developent Expert

Board of Directors

Amged B Shwehdy

Chapter President

Ahmad Hussain

Vice Chapter President

Feras Bezanti

Chapter Secretary

Jehad Bushheua

Communication Officer

Abdulmagid Bendalla

Chapter Treasurer