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Empowering Libya’s Digital Future: ISOC Libya Partners with LOITC

We are excited to share a momentous update from the Internet Society Libya Chapter (ISOC Libya)—a new strategic partnership with the Libyan Organization for Information and Communications Technology (LOITC). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our continuous effort to enhance Libya’s digital landscape and to make the internet more accessible and beneficial for everyone across the nation.

A Partnership Rooted in Progress

The LOITC has been instrumental in driving critical initiatives that pave the way for a robust digital ecosystem in Libya. Their efforts in spearheading significant decrees, such as the general email policy for Libyan institutions (Decree No. 563/2021) and the establishment of National Information Technology Day on June 1st (Decree No. 79/2021), have set foundational policies that support digital advancement and literacy.

United in Vision and Action

ISOC Libya’s partnership with LOITC is grounded in a shared commitment to not just celebrate but actively promote technology’s role in societal enhancement. Our joint focus will leverage both organizations’ resources to amplify our initiatives and expand our reach within the community. One of the primary goals of this partnership is to foster a collaborative environment where we can jointly work on training activities to cultivate a larger network of internet advocates.

Join Us on This Transformative Journey

This partnership represents more than just a strategic alignment of two organizations; it is a call to action for the entire community to join hands in making the internet a more inclusive and equitable space. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Your participation and support are crucial as we work together to break digital barriers and build a connected Libya where everyone can thrive in the digital age.

Stay Connected

Stay tuned for more updates on our projects and initiatives. We are eager to share how this partnership will unfold and the various ways you can get involved. Follow us on our social media platforms and join our mailing list to stay informed about upcoming events and how you can make a difference in the digital revolution of Libya.

This partnership is a step forward towards realizing our vision of #InternetForAll, and with your support, we can accelerate progress and achieve more together in the realm of digital technology and internet accessibility.

Let’s make the digital future bright for everyone in Libya!

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